When the meal's done, feel free to catch a nightcap at the bar. If you're in the mood, TK turns into a hotspot at night with an array of late night acts including DJ’s, live bands, and other entertainment.

    We keep a fresh rotation of events making Late Nights as inclusive as possible -- we're a minority-owned business and believe in creating fun, inviting, and safe spaces for all to enjoy.

    The overall mantra is diversity; from food to drink to entertainment, it’s what we believe in.



      February 2018

      • Fri, Feb 2  • Femme* Fridays with DJ Kayla Kush
      • Sat, Feb 3 • Wheel Up with DJ VPS
      • Fri, Feb 9  • Femme* Fridays with Glynis
      • Sat, Feb 10 • Intellectual Ratchet with DJ M. White
      • Fri, Feb 16 • Femme* Fridays with DJ Millbot
      • Sat, Feb 17 • Late Night with DJ EMC
      • Fri, Feb 23 • Femme* Fridays with DJ Huizit
      • Sat, Feb 24 • Late Night with Nick Nice