Classic Tavern Meets Modern Izakaya
on Madison’s Capitol Square

Tavernakaya “TK” is an upscale, but casual Asian restaurant-bar located in downtown Madison’s main dining and entertainment district.  Our modern minimalist design with Japanese accents invokes a large metropolitan feel that Isthmus has recently described as “New Yorkish.”

We are an izakaya (think tapas) style restaurant that has a menu designed for sharing where items are brought to the table when ready so they can be enjoyed by everyone at their peak.  For those not used to this style of dining please trust our service staff to guide you through the ordering as well as course out your meal so you can have the best experience possible.  It’s a fun way to eat and like they say sharing is caring.  It’s a great way for guests to try a variety of dishes while being able to enjoy foods together and share their experiences with each other.  Think of it as communal eating.  

In addition to all the wonderful food, we also boast a wide variety of beverages including craft cocktails, beer, spirits, and sake.  In fact, we carry one of the largest selections of Japanese craft beers, sake, and whisky in all of Wisconsin. Unfamiliar with certain drinks?  Please allow our expert bartenders to answer any questions you may have, perhaps offer you a sample, or make a suggestion based on your preferences.  You never know if you will like it unless you give it a try.

CHECK US OUT!  Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of the restaurant.